As a body shop owner, in a smaller market here in North Platte Nebraska I had some serious reservations on advertising against what the big insurers push us to do.

After all, most of us have done business under the insurers thumb for years. However, it was time for me to get aggressive as I refuse to hang imitation or junkyard parts on cars in the town I grew up in. I found The Eagleville Marketing Group on line and saw where they help shops all over the country that feel as I do.

Then I saw how they created and I knew this is the company I want to handle my advertising. That was a year ago and what a great decision. Almost every vehicle we have in our shop is now on the upper end in value and of course that pays more per square foot than lower end vehicles. Business is great and our reputation for being on the consumers side is exactly how I want our shop to be branded. Thank you Jeff & Eagleville Marketing & Collision Marking Group!! We’re looking forward to a long relationship with you and your company as we grow.

Scott Chase Owner
Keith’s Body Shop
North Platte NE

KEITH’S BODY SHOPCollision Marketing Group Client

You’ve exceeded my expectations in every aspect of client support. From producing the most recognized jingle in Nashville, to the groundbreaking ideas that will help change the way collision advertising will be implemented for years to come. I applaud you … Many thanks from all of us here at Prices Collision Centers.

PRICE’S COLLISIONCollision Marketing Group Client

Five years ago, when we thought we’d never make it thru the next month… Mr. Price of Prices Collision in Nashville sent Jeff Roberts of (Collision Marketing Group) to see us. We were advertising but didn’t know what we were doing. Jeff knew our mission and our message. He also knew how to deliver it to the masses in a way that people listened. It was by far one of the best decision’s I’ve ever made!

Gunder's Auto Center Logo
GUNDER’S COLLISIONCollision Marketing Group Client
Stewart Collision Logo

I like so many have relied on the insurer to send us a large portion of our business.

I then saw the results Ray Gunder had allowing Jeff Roberts (Collision Marketing Group) to educate his market. While skeptical at first, I figured let’s give it a try. I was at the end of my rope with DRP programs anyway. We simply wanted to repair our customers vehicles to the condition they were before they had the accident. Jeff assured me that if we invest in our future and tell the customers this fact we would have more customers than any insurer could send me.

I’m very excited to say after 5 months we indeed did have more business than any insurer was sending us. Now more than 5 years later this continues! We are still using Jeff and continuing without any DRP programs! To us our investment in marketing is just as important as any expense we have. Thanks Jeff for all you’ve done for Stewart Collision!!

David Stewart
Owner / President
Stewart Auto Repair
Winter Haven FL

Stewart Collision Logo
STEWART COLLISION CENTERCollision Market Group Client

Collision Marketing Group … has saved me enough money on one radio group to almost pay for all his media services. His team is now capturing my customers reviews and doing a great job with my social media. With two locations, I now know my marketing is in the hands of professionals.

Clinton Body Shop Logo
CLINTON BODY SHOPCollision Marketing Group Client

Through a friend in the collision industry, I met Jeff. He was able to help me better understand the correct way to use all medias and to bring forth a powerful, yet understandable, message to the consumer. In addition, working together we discovered what our true message needed to be as a business and make our advertising our own. I highly recommend Jeff and everyone else at the COLLISION MARKETING GROUP.

Smith Bros Collision Logo
SMITH BROTHERS COLLISIONCollision Marketing Group Client